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Emergency Care in
Bristol Bay

When an emergency strikes, Cama’i Community Health Center is here to help. We are on call 24/7 and always strive to put your care first. Whether you have an injury, have intense or sudden pain, or feel very sick, our medical team can take care of your emergent medical needs.  

Get Urgent Treatment in Naknek, King Salmon, or South Naknek

When an emergency strikes or you need to be seen right away, emergency care provides you with the prompt treatment you need. Our experienced emergency medical team is always ready to care for you and your family. 

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Cama’i Community Health Center can provide a wide range of emergency care services: 

Injury & Trauma Care

Our center is equipped to handle many injuries, including wounds that require stitches, bone fractures or sprains, head trauma and concussions, severe bleedings, and car accident injuries. If you or a loved one are experiencing a life-threating emergency, call 911. 

Pediatric Emergency Treatment 

The emergency medical team at Cama’i CHC can help your infant, child, or adolescent in a medical emergency. From sports injuries and accidents to a worsening illness that needs immediate care, you can entrust to give your child the compassionate, urgent care they deserve. 

Acute Pain Care

From intense abdominal pain to severe headaches that won’t go away, emergency care can be essential when you are experiencing intense pain. This includes care for appendicitis, bowel obstructions, ulcers, gallbladder inflammation, heart complications, and aneurysms.  

Allergic Reaction Care 

If you are experiencing an allergic reaction, seek immediate emergency care or call 911. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to look out for include swelling, rashes, difficulty breathing, tingling, dizziness diarrhea, nausea or vomiting coughing, and intense anxiety. 

Poisoning Treatment 

Poisons and venom can cause a severe reaction or be potentially fatal. Medications, recreational drugs, cleanings supplies, spider or snake bites, toxic inhalants, and skin irritants can all cause serious harm. We can provide prompt treatment. Reach poison control at 800-222-1222.    

Heart Attack & Stroke Treatment

Heart attacks and strokes can cause symptoms such as chest and upper body pain, weakness in the face or arms, difficulty speaking or breathing, a loss of responsiveness, and lightheadedness. Call 911 or see us right away if you are experiencing these symptoms.