Sliding Fee Scale Discount Program 

If you don’t have insurance or have limited financial resources, Cama’i Community Health Center provides a sliding fee scale discount so you can receive the care you need at a portion of the cost. The discount is based on the Federal Poverty level in Alaska, and we must verify you meet the income guidelines to qualify. 

Do You Qualify for a
Sliding Fee Scale Discount? 

To determine if you might qualify for discounted service at Cama’i, you need to be living at or below twice the Alaska Poverty Level. You will need to know your family size and total monthly income. Follow the steps below to determine eligibility.

1) Review the Alaska Poverty Level Guidelines

Use the following table to see the Alaska Poverty Level Guidelines for 2023. You can visit this webpage for more information.

2023 Poverty Guidelines for Alaska

2) Determine Your Family Size

Your family includes anyone in your household who lives together and shares money. The easiest way to determine who is considered part of your family size is by reviewing who you can claim as a dependent on your taxes. This excludes any family members who do not live in the same home as you or are financially independent. 

Who To Include:

  • Yourself 
  • Your legal spouse 
  • An unmarried domestic partner, if you have children together 
  • Children under 21 you care for 
  • All children under 19 that live in your home 
  • Tax dependents (dependent parents, family members, fostered children, or anyone else you care for that you claim on your taxes)  

Who Not To Include:

  • Unborn children 
  • Unrelated roommates 
  • Legally separated or divorced spouse 
  • Unmarried domestic partner that you do not have children with or claim on taxes 
  • Children over 21 who aren’t tax dependents 
  • Children you share custody of if you aren’t the custodial parent 
  • Adult family members who live with you and file their own tax return 

3) Calculate Your Total Monthly Household Income 

Your monthly income is based on your Adjust Gross Income (AGI). This includes your wages and any tips after standard deductions have been applied. You can find your taxable income on your 1040 tax form. Or you can calculate your gross monthly income with the following formulas: 

  • Salary Workers: Annual Salary ÷ 12 
  • Hourly Pay: (hourly pay) x (average hours per week) x 52 ÷ 12 

Make sure to calculate the monthly income for every household member and add these numbers together to get your total monthly household income. 

4) Determine Your Discount 

Use the following table to determine your discount.

Camai Community Health Center 2023 Sliding Fee Discount Table

5) Fill Out the Discount Application 

To verify your eligibility, we will ask you to self-declare your household number and income. Please fill out the following form to apply. Please note, we may ask you to provide additional documents to verify your claims, such as a w-2 tax return or paystub.